just stay a while

I sent these words to you on trembling wings made bolder by circumstance.

what a world, where words can glide across the surface to places we’ve never been ourselves, far away to places people have left us for.

I sent these words, these words so filled with pent-up probablys and time-washed memories and half-forgotten wishes folded up too small.

it’s too late to go back, now (the die already cast out of our favor) but these words – these words had one last magic breath in them. 

it propelled them through air and wind and rain, through wires and towers, across borders.

and the smile you sent them back with, rearranged to suit your own secret heart, it was like springtime, like Christmas morning, like hope.

back before my heart was whole I tried to fill its empty places with pieces of you, and when you disappeared I felt full of holes, holes that lasted, holes that opened wide and let the light in.

these words, made somehow better by your hand, filled them up. made me steady again.

these words were the words we never knew needed to be said.

these words are our goodbye.


About tehlorkay

writer of poems and longer things. restless wanderer of small-town streets. unabashed seeker of the true world.
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